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Computing Setup

My current computing setup is not necessarily bleeding edge technology, but for my purposes it gets the job done. The setup I have was originally intended to be run as a Hackintosh - but that came with quite some problems in the end, and besides, Apple is moving to their own chips which makes Hackintoshing a wasted effort. The GPU has been replaced with a relatively good model: Nvidia RTX 2060 with 6 GB RAM. This card is used in PCI Passthrough to the Linux and Windows VMs for hardware acceleration.


- Asus ROG Strix H370i-Gaming
- Intel Core i3-8300 4x 3.2 GHz
- Nvidia RTX 2060, 6 GB
- Intel UHD 630 Graphics
- 1x 120 GB SSD (OS), 1x 1TB SSD (personal data), 1x 256 GB SSD (Windows 10 Gaming), 1x 256 GB SSD (other VMs)
- Roccat Horde AIMO Keyboard


My main daily driver is Endeavour, an Arch variant. It is highly customized to my needs and runs herbstluftwm as my main window manager and working environment. Most of my daily tasks are done within that VM. It is stored on the large 1TB drive, which also holds all my data.

Additionally, a Windows 10 VM has been set up on a separate dedicated SSD, also with GPU passthrough, to be able to play Windows games whenever I want. Through this method I eliminate all fiddling with Wine or variations thereof, such as Steam Play / Proton. I much prefer this setup and can switch between worlds at will.

The remaining SSD is used for other tasks, such as testing purposes or installing distros for my videos.

Alma Linux itself is configured to use the Intel UHD as its graphics card, so that all other VMs can avail of my primary GPU. As described above, the GPU is passed into the VMs.


On that machine I run Alma Linux as the base that manages my VMs. It holds my main VM with Endeavour OS (Arch variant) which I use as daily driver, and a VM with a dedicated SSD containing Windows 10 for gaming. There other VMs I use for testing and/or research, but are not among my normal daily drivers. For that Alma is configured to use QEmu with KVM, together with virt-manager. The OS is configured for passthrough of the GPU so that I avail of full acceleration in all my VMs. The main OS (Alma Linux) uses the Intel UHD GPU for the display of the desktop and virt-manager, the Nvidia is blacklisted and setup for direct VFIO.

Alma host desktop on the right, Windows gaming VM on left, running World of Warcraft